min historie

Dear Charlie

Jeg vågnede tidligt en morgen, for resten af huset, og havde en masse tanker på hjerte. De blev til et lille digt til Charlie, om mine håb og drømme og alt det jeg ønsker for ham.

Dear Charlie,
you are still so very small, yet you can conquer a room, a heart, time and space.
In your eyes I find adventures and discover worlds which no traveller could ever imagine.
In your smile, I lose track of time, I find a fountain of youth.
In the touch of your hands, wandering across the face of their mother, I feel like the first day of spring; warm, wonderful and blooming.

Dear Charlie,
You are brave, you are strong, you are perfect.
You are curious. Everyday I watch, as you do your best to grab, to catch, to crawl. To grow up.
Don’t grow up.

What will you be? What will you like? Who will you like? Where will you go?
Dear Charlie,
Will the world treat you kind? Will there be peace? Will nature still stand? Will humanity survive?

Dear Charlie,
you are still so very small, yet my love for you reaches deeper and further than time and space.
Dear Charlie,
Be kind wherever you go, leave a little light shining, leave footprints of love and kindness.

Dear Charlie,
I hope your eyes will find many adventures.
I hope your smile never fades away.
I hope your touch will remain gentle and warm.

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