Vanamo Solki Savu Review

My husband and I recently had the joy of arranging a tester tour for Vanamo wraps (Wearababy), and their wooly wrap Solki Savu. The wrap is still making its way through Denmark and hugging lots of babies, but since I had the pleasure of being the first tester I thought it’d be about time to write down what kind of wrap this is.

First of all, a little bit about the company behind Vanamo. Wearababy, or Liinalapsi as is their original Finnish name – are located in Turku in south Finland. The company is driven by Niina who is a passionate babywearer, and who has a deep love for wraps and other carriers.

Now to what we came for! the Solki Savu. The first thing i thought, when i unpacked the wrap, was how it is an absolutely perfect example of nordic design: simplicity and minimalism. The grey and black colors of the wrap are simple, very elegant, and they would fit any outfit. The grey side of the wrap reminds me of rocky mountaintops and the black side makes me think of a newly ploughed field, where the dark color of the soil really pops up. Thus, the wrap brings me to think of the basic elements within the nordic nature.

The wrap contains 65 % easycare soft merino wool and 35 % high quality GOTS certified organic cotton. The Solki weave is an airy weave, and it has diagonally elasticity, which ensures that little bit of bounce which provide comfort for both the wearer and the child.

When i first had the wrap in my hand, I was a bit concerned with its roughness. However, this perception was put to shame after it was washed and i started wrapping with it. According to webpage, the Superwash merino wool makes the fabric woderfully soft and not itchy at all – I found this to be very true. I have a history of allergies towards certain kinds of wool, but I did not have any discomfort whatsoever with this wrap! I was wearing it for 2 hours on the first day, and I did not feel a single itch from the wool. On the contrary, I felt comfortable, snuggled and very happy with the wrap.

My first carry was a double hammock, and this was done by a tired mum with a teething baby, and a dad who was ready to take pictures of the whole shabam. The Solki Savu wrapped beautifully. The chestpass glided into place, and the knot could easily have stayed with just one cross. The bounce of the wrap made it so comfortable, and it was soft on my shoulders, resting on me like a cloud. And Charlie loved it so much that he slept right away.

My husband and I used the wrap for front carries and different back carries. Each time it has wrapped impeccably. Despite my first thought of it being rough in the hands, it is wonderful on the shoulders and it has a great mouldability, which makes it so lovely to wrap with. Not once have I found myself uncomfortable or feeling the need to constantly tighten the carry, it really is something special.

You can certainly tell that the qualities of this wrap has been carefully considered to ensure that you get wonderful wrapping qualities, together with a robust, easy to care for, and beautifully nordic looking wrap.



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