Soul Slings Fullbuckle Review

Carrying my soul in my soul!

Soul Slings was born as a home business in 2014, however, since then Soul has grown to be India’s biggest baby carrier brand. They make a wide variety of baby carriers and gorgeous accessories for the little ones. All Soul products are designed, hand-made and shipped directly by Soul from Bangalore, India.

Soul jacquard fabrics, which is used in this buckles carrier, come from an ethical and environment-friendly mill from Southern India, which uses only wind and solar energy to run their entire factory. They are a completely green manufacturing unit: moreover, after using the energy they need, they send their surplus energy into the grid to benefit the local community.

When you buy a Soul product you can be sure that only the best quality baby-safe dyes have been used and no child labour is involved at any stage in the weaving or manufacturing process. We believe, for your family, only the best is good enough (SoulSlings).

I am a wrapmama – and buckles never really caught on to me. I prefer the long fabrics. But… Then we received our full-buckle from Soul, and after only one day, my mind had changed. A buckle carrier is not only convenient for quick pick me up’s, but it is also easy to use for all members of the family. Big people and little people both benefit from being close to each other, and carrying is a great way for the grandparents to bond, connect and form attachment to their grandchildren. A buckle carrier is absolutely perfect for this, because it allows for closeness without all the many meters of somewhat confusing fabrics. In addition to this, the buckle doesn’t take much space in a backpack, and it therefore goes perfectly hand in hand with our cargobike adventures. So for me, the buckle is not a replacement for wraps, but is a convenient, practical and very beautiful addon to our carrying tools.

To get to know this Soul Sling Buckle, let us take a closer look at its features. Rather than a removable hood, the Soul hood is attached to the carrier. The strings on either side allows you to form it into a hood-like shape, which can sit on baby’s head. Moreover, it functions well as shade for sharp sunrays. I thought the attached hood would annoy me, but now i really like it, and it kinda puts the finishing touch on the design of the carrier. If I should make a statement about the hoodie, it would be that some sort of simple buttons, to firmly attach it on the straps, would have been nice. The shoulder straps can be tightened in two directions at the base and can also be tightened at the shoulder, allowing for a snug fit that adjusts to most body types. The straps are very comfortable on the shoulders, they are supportive, and even after hours of use, I did not feel even a bit of discomfort. However, the straps cannot be fully unbuckled, which means that one cannot cross them in the back, which I think is a bit of shame because this option speaks to many users. The buckle system of the carrier is very easy to work with, and clicks into place easily – feeling safe and not budging when used. However, a buckle with safety button in the waist belt would have made my day. The waist belt of the Soul carrier is thick and very supportive, and I found it extremely comfortable in both front and back carrying. The panel is soft and molds very well to the body and movement of the baby. The structure of the panel helps to create a very deep, comfortable and obvious seat for baby.
One of the things i love about the Soul buckle is that it is made out of woven fabric, rather than canvas. Being someone who loves her wraps, this makes the buckle experience much better and more authentic, so to say. However, it is also easy to tell, that this kind of carrier is much more comfortable for the baby and he truly enjoys his time in the carrier. A buckle carrier made from woven fabric is, in my opinion, more flexible and it is definitely made for snuggling your little one.

We have been using the carrier for calming our baby down in the middle of the night, fiddling with the buckles in the dark, and still managed a comfortable and supportive positioning. I have hiked hours and hours in our surrounding parks, carrying the little one on my back, and it has been a pure pleasure. It has even been used by the grandparents, who enjoy being close to their grandchild. All of us, who has been carrying, have different body shapes and different levels of strength in our bodies, however, all of us has only felt comfortable and happy with this Soul Fullbuckle, and I therefore give it my warmest recommendations.

What I love about the Soul Slings Standard Jaquard Fullbuckle:

  • Supportive for the one carrying and the one being carried
  • Easy to adjust in both front and back carries
  • Moldable panel, for a deep and ergonomic seat
  • Attached hood that is adorable and functional
  • You are supporting and using a brand who live and breathe babywearing
  • An environmentally friendly carrier
  • The carriers come a prices where most families are able to join in and experience the joy of carrying

What I love less about the Soul Slings Standard Jaquard Fullbuckle:

  • There’s no storage—a pocket in the waist belt would be lovely
  • A buckle with a safety button on the waist belt would have made it feel a little bit more safe for me
  • Buttons to attach the hoodie to the straps would have been a small, but very nice detail
  • Not being able to cross the shoulder straps

I guess it is easy to tell that, in my opinion, there is much to love about the Soul Slings Standard Jaquard Fullbuckle.

Edit: Soul has answered some of my points, and you can read their answers her.

Thank you for the feedback and it was great working with you.
Full buckles are designed keeping minimalism in mind and hence we do not have any pockets. About the Waist belt, we have the elastic loop through which you need to pass the buckles so that even if the buckle gets undone, the carrier will be safe. The cross shoulder and pocket features are there in Anoona our newborn to toddler carrier.

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