Review: Joy & Joe, Benevolence Allure

Our family has had the pleasure of testing the beautiful Benevolence Allure from Joy & Joe. The testing home consists of mummy and daddy who are both wrappers, and our little wrapee, Charlie. We have been carrying Charlie since he was born, and we use various slings, buckles and mei tais. Carrying is an important part of our values and identity as parents and family.

Despite having tried various brands of wraps, this was the first Joy & Joe for us to try, so we were very excited! The reason why we initially were curious to try a J&J was because we had seen some of their designs, and immediately fell in love with the colors, patterns and looks of the wraps.

The name Joy and Joe, comes from the names of the children of the founders; Mayor and Bisi, who are dedicated parents to two special children, Joy and Joseph. J&J is located in the UK and they are devoted to making babywearing available for all families:

“Drawing from our life experiences of nurturing our children from their difficult beginnings in the neonatal ward, we are keen to promote the advantages and joys of carrying and holding babies close to a wider audience.”


Benevolence Allure

The Benevolence Allure comes in beautiful, glossy gift box and could therefore be the perfect babyshower gift! It is an all cotton wrap, and the cotton yarn of J&J are sustainably sourced through cottonconnect.The first thoughts that comes to mind when feeling this wrap between my fingers is, that it is thin, yet somewhat dense and solid. It has a dry sensation to it, and a very smooth surface. Before breaking in, it seems stiff but still moldable. Benevolence Allure is mid weight, and not too thick or too thin; simply in-between. The right side of the wrap is colorful and the different colored rails makes it perfect for beginners to use. The hearts in the pattern are gorgeous! The wrap measures 70 cm in its width, and 4,6 in length and is a size 6.

We used the wrap in various styles of carrying – front, back and hip – and despite the wrap not being broken in yet, it is easy to work with, however having just a little bit of stiffness to it. There is no cush or bounce to it, and the wrap stays exactly where you put – it would stay put even with a single knot. Before breaking in, I wouldn’t call it squish-worthy. However, once it is softened it would fit both squish and toddler. Using the wrap for a basic front carry, FWCC, it ties easily and feels comfortable to work with, it is easy to get into place and it molds itself generously around both wrapper and wrapee. In a double layer backcarry, Double Hammock, the second layer (the one which we all curse to hell and back) is surprisingly easy to get into place and very little effort is needed to get the job done. Once tied, the wrap is strong and our little 10 kg. Wrapee feels like a feather! Despite the lack of cush, it is very comfortable on the shoulders and the smooth surface feels great against the skin.

We have used the wrap for long walks, quick pick-me-ups at home, and not once have it failed us. It has been comfortable in both the long hours and short time carrying.

The looks of the wraps makes it perfect for anything from strolls in the city, to family events and casual hands free hugs at home.

If you are looking for a wrap which stands out when it comes to colors, design and looks; which is easy care; is comfortable in various styles of carrying; and which will suit both new and experienced wrappers – then this Benevolence Allure is an excellent choice!

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