Review: Wompat Kide Loimu

Wompat Kide Loimu – SSC (soft structured carrier or simply full buckle carrier)

Liinalapsi – Wearababy, located in Finland, is the manufacturer behind Wompat carriers. Niina – the owner of Liinalapsi – is passionate about babywearing and is motivated by the desire of helping other parents find the same love for wearing their babies and experiencing the closeness with the child. Wearababy offers top quality, ergonomic and beautiful baby slings and baby carriers. On top of that, the products are environmentally friendly and ethically produced.

The Wompat carriers comes in as many different designs as you have the imagination for, because Wearababy offers to convert any wrap of your dreams into a beautiful Wompat SSC. The Wompat which has been tested for this review was made from one of the Vanamo wraps, Kide Loimu.

First impression
The immediate thought which came to mind, when I unpacked the Wompat, was: Wauv, what a beautiful color! and well, red is my favourite color, so maybe I am a bit biased. But what I then discovered was that the pattern of the woven fabric creates an illusion of the colors changing, dependent on how the light hits its surface, and I fell even more in love at first sight.

Going through the carrier in hand, I notice a lot of lovely details. The cute and very practical hoodie, which stands out from the hoodies which I have seen on most other carriers. The soft, pillow-like support for baby’s legs, which I imagine that the little ones will appreciate. The generously padded waist belt and shoulder straps, which I am certain will be very comfortable for the wearer. The feeling of quality and how every stitch seems to be thorough and intentionally cared for.  

The Wompat can be used for front, hip and back carrying. Moreover, the straps can be crossed on the back, which is sometimes a more comfortable choice for some wearers.

Yes yes, I know that you are thinking: enough, let’s hear more about the carrying qualities! So let’s do it!  
As predicted from the first impression, the shoulder straps and waist belt of the Wompat are soft, supportive and very comfortable for the wearer. It feels like being hugged by a tiny cloud. Moreover, the shoulder straps can be tightened in various directions, allowing for a snug fit that adjusts to most body types. Even after hours of carrying, non of us (my husband and I) has felt any discomfort, on the contrary actually; we both found it extremely comfortable whether carrying front or back. The buckle (click) system of the carrier is very easy to work with, and clicks into place easily – feeling safe and not budging when used. As described, the panel is made out of woven fabric, it molded perfectly around Charlie’s body and it was easy to tell that he felt comfortable, safe and able to simply enjoy the ride. In addition to this, I find the panel to be flexible, ergonomic and able to effortlessly create a deep, obvious seat. Thus, making it clear that this carrier is definitely made with the intention of snuggling your little one.

In our family we use wraps or carriers in many situations; for closeness, transportation, skin to skin, practicality. The Wompat has therefore been tested in everyday life with all its challenges and events. We have been in situations of needing to use the Wompat in the middle of the night, to calm our baby down, and despite fiddling with the buckles in the dark, we still managed a comfortable and supportive positioning. We have hiked hours and hours in our parks and woods, and it has been a pure pleasure. Despite the wearers having different body shapes and carrying experience, we have both felt comfortable and happy when using the Wompat.

A buckle carrier is absolutely indispensable to our family. It is so convenient for quick pick me up’s, and easy to use whenever, wherever and by whomever. And this particular carrier, the Wompat, is going to be a very treasured member of our family.

I highly recommend the Wompat carrier. Not only do you get a high quality product, which is made in the EU. You get a beautiful, stylish and timeless design, which will look great on both mum and dad.

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