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Review, Firespiral Geode Diurnal

We have had the pleasure of testing a gorgeous, soft and beautiful wrap from Firespiral.
If you do not yet know Firespiral, then it is about time. Firespiral is run by Tamsin and Jen, and is located in the North of England. Tamsin and Jen are passionate about wraps and babywearing, and they let their passion shine through within their products. What fist made me fall in love with Firespiral is that all of their designs are inspired by the universal patterns of nature.

“We live at the edge of the West Pennine Moors, surrounded by stone circles, local legend and the wild beauty of the hillside, with the shadows of the cotton mills in the valley below. We feel a real sense of belonging to the ancient landscape and it is from this wonderful place that our inspiration takes shape. Some of our designs are an exploration of naturally occurring pattern, and some could be more accurately described as ‘story cloths’.”

Our family has had a soft spot for Firespiral since we became parents and started babywearing. We are fortunate to already be the owners of two amazing wraps made in the Alchemy weave. However, this tester would be our very first Synergy weave (a double weave, meaning two weft threads to one warp thread), which made us even more excited.

Firespiral Geode Diurnal is an easy care wrap, made out of soft, pure cotton. It is dense and has a gsm of 315, and thus some breaking in is needed. Moreover, due to the dense structure one needs to have some experience in wrapping before using it. However, once broken in it is great even for newborns. The wrap is high quality and you get that feeling immediately when having it in your hand.
The colors of the wrap are divided into two main colors; green and grey. The green part is a deep, dark green which brings me to think of grass and treetops, and the grey part reminds me of stones and concrete. These two colors combined are perfect together and they really compliment each other. The pattern consists of straight lines which creates the geodes, inspired by the structures which occur in certain sedimentary and volcanic rocks. I really love patterns with straight lines, so for me this was an absolute favorite already from its looks.   

In terms of carrying properties of the Geode Diurnal, I found that it has a nice little cush on the shoulders, which makes it comfortable to use for hours and hours. It has a slight bit of bounce, making it move with your movements. It is thick and a bit dense, but this also makes it strong and forgiving, even during sloppy wrapjobs. When wrapping with it, it feels very moldable, and I found that despite its density, the Geode Diurnal simply feels like an extra piece of clothes around your body. In addition to this, it is grippy and stays in place, even with a single knot.

We have tested the wrap in both front carrying and back carrying, single layers and double layers, and we have found that it absolutely gets the job done in either one. It is strong and supportive in single layer carrying. In double layers, the passes glide easily over each other. It has a smooth sensation, without being silky. Despite its density it is moldable and stretchy. It is soft, beautiful and we give it our warmest recommendations.

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