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Review: Rose and Rebellion, Loco Pre-school carrier

If you are looking for a carrier which really stands out, then Rose and Rebellion is the place to go. They have designs which will satisfy your need for something unique, practical and affordable at the same time. Rose and Rebellion is located in the UK and they have set it as their mission to create products that are not only simply beautiful, but also beautifully simple to use. A quick scan through their webshop will show you that they live up their word when they promise you that you can find something pretty or punk, rose or rebel.

The carriers from Rose and Rebellion are handmade by expert seamstresses. They are mechanically tested to ensure compliance with the relevant requirements for soft structured carriers, and they can be machine washed by following the instructions on the carrier.

The first thing that struck me, when we unpacked our cool new carrier, was how beautiful the colors of the panel are in real life. Maybe it is the black background of the rest of the carrier, but the print really stands out. This also brings me to one of the amazing parts of the Rose and Rebellion carriers; if you get tired of the design, you can flip it, and use the black side – making it unisex and neutral in its appearance. But come on, who gets tired of cool skeletons? The straps of the carrier can be crossed, which for some wearer could be more comfortable than the traditional straight straps, and this is a detail in a carrier which we really appreciate, because the dad has issues with his back and shoulders. A Rose and Rebellion pre-school carrier is recommended from 2.5 years upwards. The carrier is a lot larger a standard carrier and according to Rose and Rebellion it can easily accommodate a 5-6 year old.

I have used the buckle to carry a 3 year old, who was about 20 kg. It was surprisingly comfortable. The carrier helped distribute the weight comfortably on my entire upper body, and I felt very well supported by the paddings of the carrier. Moreover, and maybe more importantly, the wrappee felt very snug and comfortable, sitting ergonomically and safely while i was dancing, jumping and walking. In the beginning, the buckles and straps needs a little bit of breaking in. However, once they have softened, the carrier is very easy to adjust according to the wearer. The carrier is very generously padded and has a unique 3 part fully integrated waistband, which ensures great comfort and support for the wearer. I am surprised of how light 20 kilos can actually feel.


A buckle carrier is absolutely indispensable to our family. We often go places where strollers are impossible to bring, and therefore it is great that carriers exist which can assist when even the legs of pre-schoolers are tired. The carrier is easy to use wherever and by whomever.

I highly recommend the Rose and Rebellion carrier. You get a handmade, high quality product, without compromising with your style – Rose and Rebellion are unique in their appearance, and they will look awesome on both mum and dad.


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