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Review: Soul Slings Backwaters

Soul Slings was born as a home business in 2014, however, since then Soul has grown to be India’s biggest baby carrier brand. They make a wide variety of baby carriers and gorgeous accessories for the little ones. All Soul products are designed, hand-made and shipped directly by Soul from Bangalore, India.

Soul Slings Backwaters – Linen Love 

“Our famous Soul linen fabrics are sourced from India’s largest linen manufacturers. The mill weaves these fabrics to our exacting baby carrier standards from the finest of Irish linen yarn. Additionally, the manufacturing unit is known for its ethical business standards.

Backwaters is made purely from linen. I myself am an absolute fan of linen, and the qualities that comes with it. Linen can absorb 20% of its own weight in moist, and remove it faster than most other textiles. Linen has an amazing ability of regulating temperatures, an ability 5 times as that of wool, and 19 times as that of silk. Studies indicate that you sweat 1,5 times less when wearing linen, compared to cotton. On the other hand, in cold weather linen can help to keep you warm. Linen is very strong, and practically impossible to wear out due to its long fibers, which also makes its circle of life more sustainable than for example cotton. Linen has a natural resistance to dirt and bacterias, and the fibers of linen protects you from UV. The use and wear of linen only makes it softer, smoother and even more beautiful. What’s not to like here?  

Backwaters is an easycare wrap, for one due to the qualities of linen but also because if accidents do happen (and they often do when it comes to our little ones), it can easily be washed. There is a bit of breaking in needed, again due to the linen, however, I was surprised about how fast the wrap became soft and collaborative. The wrap is thin in hand and very moldable, which makes it perfect for beginners. However, due to its strength it can easily carry bigger children and experienced wrappers will find that the different coloured sides makes a perfect foundation for beautiful finishes.

The wrap we have been testing is a size 7, and it measures 216 inches (5.5 metres) long and 29 inches wide. The looks and colours of Backwaters are difficult to describe. Soul describes it as “The divines of the Indian backwaters brought to life” and it really is. From distance it may simply look blue on one side, and green on the other, but then sunlight hits it, and the colour changes. And when you look close you will find several different shades of blue, yellow, green.

The carrying properties of Backwaters are quite amazing. The structure and materials of the wrap leaves just a little bit of bounce, which I personally love in my double hammock. It has little to no cush at all, however it is still very comfortable on the shoulders and it doesn’t dig into the skin, as I could have feared due to the dry linen. In hand it is thin and airy, a bit stretchy and very moldable. It has a perfect balance between being grippy and slippery, which makes it glide well through double layer wrap jobs, but also stay well in place.

We have been using the wrap through all sorts of weather and for various wrap jobs – front and back. We have been amazed by the strength, moldability, comfort and of course the looks of Backwaters. Once again, Soul is delivering a quality product, with stunning appearance, which is at the same time also affordable.

A Soul linen wrap is a great investment, which can be your trusted companion from beginning to end of your wrapping adventure. You get a strong, high quality wrap, which in time will become buttery soft.


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