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Review: Kenhuru Choven Aslo

“We work hard to choose the best possible blend for You – not only incredibly strong but also amazingly soft.” – Kenhuru

All wraps from Kenhuru is made from quality materials, with OEKO TEX-100 Certification or AZO FREE Declaration. Kenhuru was created due to the wish of seeing a sling brand which featured geometric designs, and as a lover of such patterns it was obvious that I had to test one of these wraps.

We have been testing the beautiful, sea-inspired Kenhuru Choven Aslo, sz 5. A nany blue and cloudy white wrap, with cute sailboats and gorgeous geometric lines. It has a gsm of approximately 235. It has a blend of 19% tussah silk and 81% combed cotton – we were quick to rename it ‘the kitten’s belly’ at our house, it is so soft! In hand it feels thin and smooth, very airy and highly moldable. It has a bit of a soapy feel to it, lots of texture from the silk and a nice fluffy feeling.

Despite the silk blend, the wrap is quite easy care, as you can wash it on a hand wash program in your machine. There is no breaking in needed, as this wrap is soft and ready to snuggle your little one straight from the box. In my opinion it is a nice wrap for both beginners and experienced. Beginners will find a very forgiving, moldable, easy to work with wrap. Experienced will find a strong, supportive, fun for fancy finish wrap.

We have been testing the wrap for different styles of front and back carrying, and it has been an absolute pleasure. It feels so comfortable on both me and my wrapee, and it is so smooth to work with – sometimes a little to smooth, and one really has to make sure that the knot is tied properly, but once that is set, you’ll be free to go anywhere with this wrap! It has a slight bit of cush on the shoulders and some bounce when wrapped. It is long to size, which is great when you love to play with your wrap jobs and try new styles.

All in all, if you are a sucker for geometric patterns; soft as a kitten’s belly materials; strong as an ox wrap; unique designs and high quality – then Kenhuru is definitely something you need to check out!


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