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Review: Vanamo Kide Hehku

Liinalapsi – Wearababy, located in Finland, is the manufacturer behind the Vanamo wraps. Niina – the owner of Liinalapsi – is passionate about babywearing and she is motivated by the desire of helping parents find the same love for wearing their babies and experiencing the closeness with the child. Wearababy offers top quality, ergonomic and beautiful baby slings and baby carriers. On top of that, the products are environmentally friendly and ethically produced.

Vanamo Kide Hehku
With autumn approaching, this had to be the perfect wrap to test! I must start by sharing my love for the colours which Niina, the owner of Vanamo wraps, has chosen for this one. At first sight. You see copper brown and but ed Orange, but as you look into it, you’ll start noticing bright yellow, deep red and many variations of color through this wrap. And then, once you think you have understood its colours, the light changes, and then so does the nuances of the Kids Hehku. It is absolutely stunning, and it is definitely autumn in a wrap.

But in addition to this, the materials which has been used in Kide Hehku, just highlights its autumness – the perfect combination of cotton, wool and linen, is what makes up this wrap, and as each of these materials has their own strengths, combined they make a perfect trio: Vanamo Kide Hehku contains 30 % linen, 30 % merino wool and 40 % GOTS certified organic cotton. The linen ensures strength and amazing support, together with highly durable; the wool offers bounce and softness. Moreover, both linen and wool are temperature regulating materials, which makes this wrap great in both hot and cold weather. The weave of the wrap is a kide weave, which offers a great diagonal stretch.

The word ”kide” means ice chrystals and the Kide pattern was inspired by the traditional hand woven Finnish linen textiles. The Kide weave is a complex mixture of twill and tabby weaves which create the unique stuctured, porous and comfortable weave.

Kide Hehku is a little stiff when straight from the box, and it needs a bit of breaking in. However, it is comfortable and moldable even before broken in, which in my book, serves as a huge plus. The wrap is fairly easy care, and can be washed in the machine on a wool program. It has a GSM of about 300, making it quite a dense wrap in theory, however in hand it feels more light and soft, than the numbers would give it credit for. The carrying properties of Kide Hehku are absolutely amazing. With that little bit of wool cush and bounce, and that strong, supportive linen feel. After breaking in, I would say that you can use it for a newborn, but for breaking in, a toddler would be preferred. In use, it feels medium thick, however very airy – due to the kide weave, and the quality within the materials – it is highly moldable, with a nice bit of grip. The texture of the kide weave gives the wrap structure, which provides both functional and aesthetic properties. Kide Hehku is forgiving and supportive – even during sloppy wrapjobs, and is an absolutely stunning wrap for those selfies. It is collaborative and comfortable both in single layer and multiple layer carries.

My conclusion is that Niina has done it again! And my admiration and love for the Vanamo wraps just keeps growing. When investing in any wrap from Liinalapsi, you are sure to get high quality; value for money; absolutely unique and gorgeous design; together with sustainable and excellent materials.

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